Saddle Price List – 2015 Pricelist

Unfortunately the falling dollar and the manufacturers 2015 price increases sees a jump in a lot of pricing. I maybe able to source old stock at the old price – contact us.
Please note: As of March 2015 we will not carry Duett or Thornhill saddles in the demo pool as we believe that we have found UK made saddles (by Master Saddlers) at a comparable price.

Saddle Price List as at 5 March 2015.
Prices subject to change according to exchange rate – Contact us for firm quote.
Price not confirmed until 50% deposit is paid.
Prices include GST at 10%.
Price includes courier to Australian mainland address.
5% off for final sales (excludes custom orders)
This is a great way to save if you know exactly what size you need.
Final sales and Custom orders are subject to no returns except for manufacturing defects – though please contact us as we maybe able to offer a solution.
For any saddles not listed please contact us!

Saddle Price List
Make Model Type Seat Size Price 5% off
Make Model Type Seat Size Price 5% off
Andrea Hicks Adjustable AP $2925 $2779
Andrea Hicks Phoenix GP/Jump AP 16.5 – 17.5 $2720 $2584
Andrea Hicks Rowan AP 14 – 16 $2240 $2128
Andrea Hicks Super Cob or Sport AP 16.5 – 18 $2720 $2584
Duett Rondo 3 AP 17"-18" $2120 $2014
Duett Sonata AP 17 – 19" $2380 $2261
Frank Baines Eclipse AP 16.5" – 18.5" $3315 $3149
Thornhill JC Berlin AP 16"- 17"-17.5" $1715 $1629
Thornhill JC Berlin AP 18"-19"-20" $1920 $1824
Andrea Hicks Adjustable Dressage 16.5 – 17.5 $3125 $2969
Andrea Hicks Heathland Dressage 16.5 – 18 $2925 $2779
Andrea Hicks Heathland Dressage 15 – 16 $2600 $2470
Andrea Hicks Phoenix Classic Dressage 16.5 – 17.5 $2925 $2779
Arabian Saddle Company Ellipse Dressage 16" – 19" $3015 $2864
Duett Encore/Largo Dressage 17"-18" $2230 $2119
Duett Encore/Largo Dressage 19"-20" $2305 $2190
Duett Fidelio Dressage 16" $2380 $2261
Duett Fidelio Dressage 17"-18" $2595 $2465
Duett Fidelio Dressage 19" and 20" $2680 $2546
Duett Harmony Dressage 17-18"
Frank Baines Cadence Dressage $3700
Frank Baines Capriole Dressage 16.5" – 18" $3340 $3173
Frank Baines Elegance Dressage 16.5" – 18.5" $3340 $3173
Frank Baines Elegance Deluxe Dressage 16.5" – 18.5" $3460 $3287
Frank Baines Omni Dressage 16.5" – 18.5" $3570 $3392
Frank Baines Pirouette (Reflex) Dressage $3390 $3221
Frank Baines Pirouette (Reflex) Deluxe Dressage $3510 $3335
Frank Baines Union Lux Dressage $3570
Lovatt & Ricketts Berkeley Dressage 16.5" – 19" $3015 $2864
Lovatt & Ricketts Berkeley Monoflap Dressage $4225 $4014
Lovatt & Ricketts Concord Dressage $3015 $2864
Lovatt & Ricketts Ellipse Dressage 16 – 19" $3015 $2864
POSH Arcadia Dressage $2815 $2674
POSH Arcadia (Double skin flap) Dressage $2885 $2741
Ryder Legacy Dressage $3365 $3197
Thornhill Germania Klasse Dressage 17" – 18" $1990 $1891
Thornhill JC Vienna II Dressage 15"-18" $1685 $1601
Thornhill JC Vienna II Dressage 19"-20" $1790 $1701
Thornhill Pro-Trainer Danube Dressage 17" – 18" $2035 $1933
Thornhill Pro-Trainer Danube Dressage 19" $2150 $2043
Thornhill Pro-Trainer Zurich Dressage 19" $2085 $1981
Thornhill Pro-Trainer Zurich Dressage 17" – 18" $1970 $1872
Arabian Saddle Company Solstice Endurance $2870 $2727
Duett Companion Foxhunter Endurance 17"-18" $2230 $2119
Duett Companion Foxhunter Endurance 19"-20" $2305 $2190
Lovatt & Ricketts Rubicon Endurance $3015 $2864
Thornhill Trail Endurance 18" $1715 $1629
Andrea Hicks Adjustable Jump Jump 16.5 – 18 $3125 $2969
Andrea Hicks Harrier Jump Jump 15 – 16 $2340 $2223
Andrea Hicks Super Cob or Ultimate Jump 16.5 – 18 $2925 $2779
Duett Presto Jumping 17"-18" $2155 $2047
Duett Presto Jumping 19" $2230 $2119
Frank Baines Edessa/Evolutn/Eternity Jumping $3580 $3401
Frank Baines Elan (Foam) Jumping $3315 $3149
Frank Baines Encore Jumping $3415 $3244
Frank Baines Reflex (Foam)/Elan (Wool) Jumping $3340 $3173
Frank Baines Reflex/Enigma (Wool) Jumping $3365 $3197
Thornhill Germania 2-Phase Jumping 17XW $1745 $1658
Thornhill Germania Coco Jumping $2010 $1910
Thornhill Germania Spring Jumping 17"- 18" $2010 $1910
Thornhill Pro-Trainer Le Monde II Jumping $1865 $1772
Thornhill Pro-Trainer Paris II Jumping $1835 $1743
Andrea Hicks Phoenix Symphony Show 16.5 – 17.5 $2570 $2442
Andrea Hicks Show Show 16.5 – 17.5 $2525 $2399
Andrea Hicks Show Pony Show 14 – 16 $2290 $2176
Andrea Hicks Symphony Show 14 – 16 $2230 $2119
Andrea Hicks Dale WH 15-15.5-16 $2480 $2356
Andrea Hicks Phoenix Luxe WH 16.5 – 17.5 $2720 $2584
Andrea Hicks Sienna WH 14 – 16 $2230 $2119
Andrea Hicks Traditional WH WH 16.5 – 18 $2720 $2584
Lovatt & Ricketts Eton WH $2800 $2660

Frank Baines advises Price Increase as of 1st April 2015

Frank Baines Saddles have advised a price increase for all saddles ordered after 1st April 2015.  This is large and, unfortunately,  our prices will increase to reflect this.

But we still strive to offer a saddle that costs less than you direct importing the saddle yourself and by buying through us you do not have to pay all those  costs such as Freight, Customs Duties and GST as well as those ‘hidden’ costs ranging from Customs Clearance fees imposed by your freight company and charged extra, to the 3% currency conversion fee for using your credit card and (if you are lucky) and extra 1.5% fee charged by your bank for the privilege of using your credit card.

Also – we offer the 7 day trial!  See our other pages for details or contact us for more information.

Adjustable Trees

Many of you have heard me waffle on about the evils of adjustable trees so will be surprised to see that I’m now stocking them.

The truth is I still firmly believe that a saddle can not go from Narrow to X-Wide without compromising fit and horse comfort.  The panel shape on a narrow saddle is not likely to do anything good on an X-Wide fit.

So – why are adjustable saddles on my price list?
The simple answer is that these saddles are made to adjust a total of 3 sizes.  The panel is set up for this. The saddle panel is designed to accommodate from MW to XW. The saddle is constructed around this limited sizing.
Most spring wooden trees can be adjusted one size either way before the tree starts being compromised. We don’t recommend any further adjustment beyond this (and have sadly seen some top brand saddles that have been compromised by being stretched too much).

Short Backed Dilemma

About 20 years ago the ‘fashion’ in saddle making was moved towards large gusseted panels. This was marketed as allowing more weight distribution for horse and a good thing… But is it?
Couple it with the slightly croup high horse and you aren’t doing your horse any favours with the large panel gusseted saddle.

What happens if you have a short backed horse?

Several of my suppliers/saddle makers are turning back the clock to help with the short back dilemma.
One of our Lovatt and Ricketts demo saddles has the old style panel on it.

Arcadia with Double Calf Skin
Arcadia with Double Calf Skin









Upswept Panel 16.5″ saddle on Welsh pony

Andrea Hicks (Native Pony Saddles) also has upswept panels to cater to the short back and ofter slightly croup high horse/pony

Short Panel

Short Panel measure

Andrea Hicks Native Pony Saddles are here!

We are pleased to be bringing these saddles to our range.

Andrea has many years experience fitting the ‘non-standard’ fit especially croup high and broad.
The first of the demo saddles has just arrived!

Not only do they fit well and well made but they look sumptuous as well.
We are expecting to carry Working Hunter, Jumping and Dressage versions in the demo pool.

Frank Baines Demo Saddles are here!

We have the first of the Frank Baines demo saddles here!

Also – in combination we will announce some special pricing on Frank Baines saddles until the 31st December. Also included is the Frank Baines Hi Wither Dressage pad RRP $145.00 (with either front or rear removable shims).

Frank Baines Hi Wither Numnah
Hi Wither Numnah

*50% deposit required on ordering
*5% off is for final sales (excludes custom orders) – No returns except for manufacturing defects.  A great way to save if you know the size you are after.

Frank Baines Orders until 31st December 2014
Make Model Type Price 5% off
Frank Baines Eclipse AP $2710 $2575
Frank Baines Capriole Dressage $2730 $2594
Frank Baines Elegance Dressage $2730 $2594
Frank Baines Elegance Deluxe Dressage $2830 $2689
Frank Baines Omni Dressage $2920 $2774
Frank Baines Pirouette (Reflex) Dressage $2770 $2632
Frank Baines Pirouette (Reflex) Deluxe Dressage $2870 $2727
Frank Baines Edessa/Evolutn/Eternity Jumping $2930 $2784
Frank Baines Elan (Foam) Jumping $2710 $2575
Frank Baines Encore Jumping $2790 $2651
Frank Baines Reflex (Foam)/Elan (Wool) Jumping $2730 $2594
Frank Baines Reflex/Enigma (Wool) Jumping $2750 $2613

Issue with email – hopefully sorted now


Sorry – my *Smart* phone is marking messages as read before they are (and then filing them away).
I’m working through emails now to try and locate those victims of my phone.
If you email and don’t hear back within 24 hours please resend email.

Hopefully sorted now!

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Saddle Fittings Melbourne

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What is a Hoop, U or Freedom tree?

Here is a photo that shows the difference in trees.  Both saddles measure the same distance at the end of the tree points but as you can see the shape of the pommel is very different.U vs V shaped tree


Different brands call their saddle trees different things.  A majority of saddles are made on a V shaped tree.  Fortunately there are more and more saddle makers building on a Hoop, U or Freedom tree.