Saddle Price List – 19 August 2014

Saddle Price List as at 19 August 2014.
Prices subject to change according to exchange rate – Contact us for firm quote.
Price not confirmed until 50% deposit is paid.
Prices include GST at 10%.
Price includes courier to Australian mainland address.
5% off for final sales (excludes custom orders)
This is a great way to save if you know exactly what size you need.
Final sales and Custom orders are subject to no returns except for manufacturing defects – though please contact us as we maybe able to offer a solution.
For any saddles not listed please contact us!

Saddle Price List
Make Model Type Seat Size Price 5% off
Duett Rondo 2 AP 15"-16" $1620 $1539
Duett Rondo 3 AP 17"-18" $1750 $1663
Duett Sonata AP $1880 $1786
Frank Baines Eclipse AP $3030 $2879
Thornhill JC Berlin AP 16"- 17"-17.5" $1560 $1482
Thornhill JC Berlin AP 18"-19"-20" $1740 $1653
Frank Baines Passad AP Pony $2625 $2494
Arabian Saddle Company Ellipse Dressage $2830 $2689
Duett Encore/Largo Dressage 17"-18" $1945 $1848
Duett Encore/Largo Dressage 19"-20" $2010 $1910
Duett Fidelio Dressage 17"-19" $2145 $2038
Frank Baines Capriole Dressage $3050 $2898
Frank Baines Elegance Dressage $3050 $2898
Frank Baines Elegance Deluxe Dressage $3160 $3002
Frank Baines Omni Dressage $3245 $3083
Frank Baines Reflex Dressage $3095 $2940
Frank Baines Reflex Deluxe Dressage $3205 $3045
Lovatt & Ricketts Berkeley Dressage $2830 $2689
Lovatt & Ricketts Berkeley Monoflap Dressage $3935 $3738
Lovatt & Ricketts Concord Dressage $2830 $2689
POSH Arcadia Dressage $2430 $2309
POSH Arcadia (Double skin flap) Dressage $2495 $2370
Ryder Legacy Dressage $3160 $3002
Thornhill Germania Klasse Dressage 17" – 18" $1690 $1606
Thornhill JC Vienna II Dressage 15"-18" $1600 $1520
Thornhill JC Vienna II Dressage 19"-20" $1690 $1606
Thornhill Pro-Trainer Danube Dressage 17" – 18" $1730 $1644
Thornhill Pro-Trainer Zurich Dressage 17" – 18" $1675 $1591
Arabian Saddle Company Solstice Endurance $2700 $2565
Duett Companion Foxhunter Endurance 17"-18" $1945 $1848
Duett Companion Foxhunter Endurance 19"-20" $2010 $1910
Lovatt & Ricketts Rubicon Endurance $2830 $2689
Thornhill Trail Endurance 18" $1625 $1544
Duett Presto Jumping 16"-16.5" $1750 $1663
Duett Presto Jumping 17"-18" $1810 $1720
Duett Presto Jumping 19" $1945 $1848
Thornhill Germania 2-Phase Jumping 17XW $1480 $1406
Thornhill Germania Coco Jumping $1710 $1625
Thornhill Germania Spring Jumping 17"- 18" $1710 $1625
Thornhill Pro-Trainer Le Monde II Jumping $1755 $1667
Thornhill Pro-Trainer Paris II Jumping $1730 $1644
Lovatt & Ricketts Eton WH $2640 $2508
Native Pony All WH/AP 14-16" $2145 $2038
Native Pony All WH/AP 16.5"-18" $2360 $2242

What is a Hoop, U or Freedom tree?

Here is a photo that shows the difference in trees.  Both saddles measure the same distance at the end of the tree points but as you can see the shape of the pommel is very different.U vs V shaped tree


Different brands call their saddle trees different things.  A majority of saddles are made on a V shaped tree.  Fortunately there are more and more saddle makers building on a Hoop, U or Freedom tree.

Frank Baines adds Patent Leather Options

We are now offering a new Patent colour option and matching welting to our range.

There will be a choice of :
Black Patent shown in the photo in the back facing and also the seat and cantle welt
Blue Patent shown in the photo in the back facing and also the seat and cantle welt

Any combination allowed! and best of all – no extra charge!

Frank Baines Black Patent Back Welt
Frank Baines Black Patent Back Welt
Frank Baines Blue Patent Welt
Frank Baines Blue Patent Welt
Frank Baines Blue Patent Back Welt
Frank Baines Blue Patent Back Welt
Frank Baines Black Patent
Frank Baines Black Patent
Frank Baines Black Patent Welt
Frank Baines Black Patent Welt
Frank Baines Blue Patent
Frank Baines Blue Patent

Saddles for Wee Ponies!

Sick of trying to find something decent for the kids to use?

The Pony Saddle Company First Saddle
The Pony Saddle Company First Saddle

Check out the “First Saddle” from The Pony Saddle Company.

Available from 12″ – 16″ and made in the UK by saddle makers that understand fitting the native ponies. (Welsh, Shetland, Dartmoor to name a few!)

Heaps of options available - Click here for more info

New Saddle

Working with the wealth of knowledge from Lovatt and Ricketts we have customised saddles specifically for the Australian market. The first wide wide saddle has arrived and is waiting to go out to be tested.

Ryder Legacy 17.5″ Dressage Saddle for sale

This dressage saddle came in for an Endurance Riding client but unfortunately not as a 17″ seat or with shortened flaps!ryder17.5side

So we need to clear this saddle at a super price!
Normally priced at over $3250 now $2000!

This saddle has had limited use.

17.5″ Black Dressage Saddle – this saddle was made to template but is a Wide to Extra Wide Ryder fit (wider than other saddle brands X-wide, we recommend you send through a template and of course you can trial this saddle before purchase)
It has a Cobalt Blue (photo shows it more Aqua than it is) half moon and piping – as well as a subtle Navy Blue panel.
This saddle has 3 long girth straps – two front and a sliding back girth strap.
It also has saddle dees below the seat for hanging useful things off!  I can remove these if you want.
More Details on Ryder click here or here

18″ Ryder Legacy Demo Saddle for sale

18″ XXW Ryder Legacy Saddle.
Has light blue panels and half moon.

Suits a flat back horse.
This saddle is the one I’ve been using – both at demos and the few times I actually get to ride! It is a earlier model Legacy
This saddle inspired me to sell the Ryder brand. It has big knee rolls but they aren’t constricting at all!

Only for Sale as I have to update the demo pool.
It has normal signs of wear but has had minimal use.

Price $1750
Of course – you can try this saddle for a week.
It will be reflocked completely – ready to mold to your horse.

More info

Leather Care


Leather Care and what I do
I keep getting asked about how best to take care of leather.

Note: the following is gleamed from my experience and talking to others in the industry. It does not necessarily agree with the saddlemakers advice of the saddles I sell and – of course – your situation may be entirely different from mine eg: the climate you live in.

I don’t like saddle soap as it isn’t really a soap. Glycerine Saddle Soap is actually more of a conditioner but still needs to be wiped off otherwise it attracts dirt and dust.
I use a damp cloth and/or Effax Leder Combi. (Leder Combi is great for smoothing out marks on the saddle as well!)

Firstly – I never oil.
Good quality leather does not need oil and should be allowed to break in naturally.

Secondly – you need to look at the leather production process (and I mean more than how the cow grows)
Most leather produced today is “pigment dyed”, which is “spray painting” the leather with an impermeable coloured coating instead of putting the leather in an aniline-dye filled drum. The entire reason for this is speed and cost: the spray is much cheaper, you use a lot less of it, and you can spray-paint a hide in seconds vs. hours to days/weeks in a vat of dye, but unfortunately, these coatings completely seal the leather and will prevent any oil or conditioning agent from penetrating the leather, and when the finally wear away in spots, the leather looks horrible.

Back to the first point and why oiling isn’t good.
Leather is made up of interlocking fibres. They should move against each other. Too much oil lubricates the fibres too much and actually weakens the interlocking and the strength of the leather.
I like products with Beeswax and lanolin and other such goodies. My product of choice is Effax Leder Balsam but there are other great products out there. Now days the good products will state want leather (process) they suit!

For new leather I will apply a coating of balsam to both sides of the leather but from then on it is underneath only and only if it needs it. I’ve had really nice English leather saddles that have only been conditioned after extreme events – like our favourite rain soaking competitions were gear is going to get wet.